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      A Hungarian cover of the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women"

      "I met a gin soaked bar-room queen" in... Budapest?

      Australian personality Greg Grainger is backed up by the Graingerettes, a group of women all decked out in traditional Hungarian dress, in this rousing cover of the Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Women." It was recorded sometime in 1990 and was downloaded from on old VHS tape.

      (Everlasting Blort, Miss Cellania) Read the rest “A Hungarian cover of the Stones' "Honky Tonk Women"”

      Gadget solves first-world peanut butter problems

      Having difficulties using a butter knife or rubber spatula to get the last ounce of peanut butter out of the jar? Or maybe you're sick of having your too-soft bread being ripped apart by peanut butter (wait, what?). Not to worry first-world citizens, inventor Andy Scherer of Burbank, California has got you covered. His Peanut Butter Pump promises to clean the jar for you.

      The jar-cleaning gadget won't, however, clean itself.

      But, it will squeeze out peanut butter in ribbons or in a stream.

      Get one of Scherer's patented gizmos for $25 through his Indiegogo campaign. Over 1400 backers have already funded the project.

      images via The Peanut Butter Pump/Indiegogo

      (Delish) Read the rest “Gadget solves first-world peanut butter problems”

      Neighbors learn ASL together to communicate with a 2-year-old girl

      Grab some tissues. Here's a heartwarming story of neighbors coming together for a young girl, as told by CBS Sunday Morning:

      On Islington Road in Newton, Mass., lives two-year-old Samantha Savitz, who is deaf, but boy, does she love to talk to anyone who knows sign language. And if someone doesn't, that makes Sam just a little sad. Which led her neighbors to undertake what can only be described as a most generous community project: hiring an instructor, and fully immersing themselves in an American Sign Language class. Steve Hartman reports.

      Faith in humanity temporarily restored. Read the rest “Neighbors learn ASL together to communicate with a 2-year-old girl”

      A te reo Māori cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody"

      Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Read the rest “A te reo Māori cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody"”

      Ken Jeong answers medical questions posed on Twitter

      TIL: Actor and comedian Ken Jeong is also a licensed physician. He put his career in medicine on hold to become an actor. Mind you, this isn't new news, I just hadn't gotten the memo until today.

      In 2017 a video he made with Wired went viral with over 24M views. It was called "Doc Support" and in it he answers medical questions people asked on Twitter. This video is part two, which he jokingly calls "Doc Support 2: Electric Boogaloo." It's already at nearly 10M views and it was only just published on Monday.

      Dr. Jeong's first Netflix comedy special, "You Complete Me, Ho," is now available to watch. Read the rest “Ken Jeong answers medical questions posed on Twitter”

      Colonel Sanders is now also RoboCop

      The new Colonel Sanders is RoboCop? I'm not even going to pretend to understand what is going on at KFC HQ but this is really happening.

      The campaign starts with a mockumentary video. Something about the Colonel's Secret Recipe needing better protection. Of course, that's where RoboCop comes in. He's been reprogrammed with a new prime directive to protect those precious 11 herbs and spices. It ends with RoboSanders walking the digital recipe in a briefcase to Stockholm's Bahnhof Data Center, a real underground storage bunker "built to survive Armageddon." Apparently, the Secret Recipe is actually being stored there.

      "FauxBoCop," as Britt Hayes of AV Club perfectly dubbed him, also appears in two ads. The first one is called "Hungry Boy":

      If you're wondering, yes, FauxBoCop is really voiced by the original RoboCop, Peter Weller, according to /Film:

      I haven’t been able to confirm if it’s actually the 71-year-old actor wearing the suit in these commercials. I called his agents and confirmed that he was involved in this campaign, but when I specifically asked if Weller was wearing the suit, his agent told me “We have no comment on that.” Uh, okay then? I guess they really want to keep the mystery alive of whether their client got suited up or if he’s just lending his voice and a double is doing all of the physical stuff. Cool.

      The second is called "Secret Recipe" and Carrie Brownstein, is that you?

      (AV Club) Read the rest “Colonel Sanders is now also RoboCop”

      Bored pilot graffitis two dicks and a message in flight path

      On Tuesday morning, an Australian pilot took some artistic liberties with his flight path.

      ABC News:

      The Diamond Star plane, operated by Flight Training Adelaide, spent a little over three hours in the air on Tuesday to draw the letters over South Australia.

      The message was not seen by people on the ground, but was visible to aviation followers watching live flight tracking programs and websites.

      It is believed the pilot, who was working out of Parafield Airport, north of Adelaide, was "running in" a new engine.

      The FlightAware website captured the pilot's work between 8:53am to 11:57am.

      The pilot flew several loops, creating some somewhat explicit graffiti along the coast, before tracing "I'm bored" over the Princes Highway.

      Retired Qantas A380 pilot Chris Wilson said he thought the message was "harmless".

      screenshot by Flightaware via ABC News

      (Gizmodo) Read the rest “Bored pilot graffitis two dicks and a message in flight path”

      Meat-flavored breakfast cereals

      Oh no, here's something we definitely didn't ask for: sweet-and-savory meat-flavored cereals. On March 7 (to sync with National Cereal Day), Post is releasing two new limited-edition Honey Brunches of Oats flavors, Chicken & Waffles and Maple Bacon Donut. Both will be available at Walmart stores for a limited time.


      ...the Chicken and Waffles cereal will feature mini chicken drumsticks and tiny waffle shapes, while the Maple Bacon Donuts flavor will feature doughnut-shaped cereal sprinkled with individual "bacon" bits. Boxes will sell for $2.98 each, and once they're gone, they're gone for good.

      (Geekologie) Read the rest “Meat-flavored breakfast cereals”

      Hawaiian grocery store explains local culture on the side of its reusable bags

      While vacationing in Kauai, my pal Otto von Stroheim spotted this informative primer on local Hawaiian culture, right on the side of a reusable Foodland supermarket bag.

      I dug around Ebay and discovered it's part of a series called "You Know You Local."

      Here's the holiday edition:

      lead image via Otto, 2 + 3 image via ebay, 4 +5 image via ebay Read the rest “Hawaiian grocery store explains local culture on the side of its reusable bags”

      Shirtless "hot Lincoln" statue from 1939 inspires jokes and fanfic

      Presidents' Day was Monday and what better time for an 8-foot-tall statue of a shirtless Abraham Lincoln to be making the rounds. On Twitter, @MuseZack rediscovered this gem of a sculpture.

      Witty names like "Honest Abs" and "The Gettsyburg Undress" are being used to describe it. And @PKtje has dug up "shirtless Lincoln" fanfic.

      And, yes, it's real. "Young Lincoln" was sculpted in the late thirties by James Lee Hansen (who may or may not be this James Lee Hansen). A year out of art school and frustrated by his lack of success in the real world, a friend prompted him to enter a sculpture competition at the Federal Building.

      From a Los Angeles Times article dated March 13, 1941:

      “I don’t know,” Hansen replied, “I’ve only done one piece of sculpture in my life.”

      He was interested, however, and checked up—only to find that the contest, under way for several months, closed for the model entries in a week. Hansen got a supply of plaster and made a small figure of Lincoln. Like the other contestants, he submitted it anonymously to the Fine Arts Section of the Federal Works Agency.

      No one was more surprised than Hansen when he was notified his entry has won $7,200 and a commission to do the Lincoln statue.

      Read the rest “Shirtless "hot Lincoln" statue from 1939 inspires jokes and fanfic”

      Have you got any of this 'Brady Bunch' memorabilia? HGTV needs your help

      Are you a collector of groovy 70s decor? If so, you may have the missing pieces to the nearly-renovated Brady Bunch house.

      The home that served as the exterior shot for the Brady Bunch is currently being gutted and rebuilt. HGTV and the Brady kids (who are, of course, now adults) are renovating the Studio City-based property to make its interior match what we saw on television. A Very Brady Renovation, the renovations' web series, is being shown on Facebook and a call was recently put out to locate some very specific furnishings that match ones from the original set.

      Specifically, they are looking for the living room's credenza and the horse statue that sat on top of it (both shown above). They're also looking for the kitchen's double oven, the kitchen fridge/freezer, two fish trivets, the dining room's curio cabinet, the living room's massive table lamp and floral sofa, the antique radio from Greg's groovy pad, Alice's bedroom set, and the giraffe plushie from the girls' room. The wish list with photos is available at HGTV.


      -- For Sale: The real-life Brady Bunch house -- Here's the story of how 'N Sync's Lance Bass won and then lost the Brady Bunch house -- HGTV not saying how much it paid for the Brady house ($3.5M) -- All six Brady kids reunite at their TV home Read the rest “Have you got any of this 'Brady Bunch' memorabilia? HGTV needs your help”

      "Happy Furry Monsters" and other Sesame Street parody mashup songs

      Sesame Street is turning 50 years in November. As part of the yearlong celebration, they've posted this fun compilation of well-known musicians parodying their own songs over the years. (I'm actually ok with not being able toget REM's "Happy Furry Monsters" out of my head because it's adorable.)

      A YouTube commenter listed all the musical artists with their Sesame Street-ed song:

      * 1973 - Stevie Wonder | Superstition (0:00) * 1978 - Paul Simon | Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard (5:09) * 1979 - Ray Charles | I Got a Song (1:40) * 1984 - James Taylor | That Grouchy Face (3:41) * 1988 - Smokey Robinson | U Really Got a Hold on Me (4:02) * 1988 - Billy Joel | Just the Way You Are (0:38) * 1988 - Marlee Matlin | Just the Way You Are (0:38) * 1996 - Melissa Etheridge | Like the Way U Does (4:15) * 1996 - Spin Doctors | Two Princes (1:15) * 1998 - Tony Bennett | Slimey to the Moon (2:48) * 1999 - REM | Furry Happy Monsters (1:24) * 2000 - Hootie & the Blowfish | Hold My Hand (2:01) * 2000 - The Goo Goo Dolls | Pride (1:05) * 2002 - Dixie Chicks - No Letter Better Than B (2:20) * 2003 - Sheryl Crow | I Soaks Up the Sun (1:48) * 2004 - Norah Jones | Don't Know Y (0:18) * 2005 - Andrea Bocelli | Time to Say Goodnight (2:27) * 2007 - James Blunt | My Triangle (5:00) * 2008 - Feist | 1234 (3:00) * 2009 - Jason Mraz | Outdoors (4:47) * 2011 - Elvis Costello | (A Monster Went and) Ate My Red Two (3:27) * 2012 - Train | Five By (3:11) * 2015 - One Direction | What Makes "U" Useful (4:31) * 2015 - Macklemore | Grouch Thrift Shop (3:53)

      Just try and tell me that didn't make you smile, even a little. Read the rest “"Happy Furry Monsters" and other Sesame Street parody mashup songs”

      Amelia Foxtrot is an olde tyme-y DJ who spins on antique phonographs

      There are old-school DJs and then there's DJ Amelia Foxtrot of Austin Phonograph Co. in Texas. Her turntables are antique hand-cranked phonographs and her records are scratchy-sounding 78s.

      Of course, I was immediately charmed by all of this. I reached out to her and she shared:

      I've been doing phonograph DJ work for 7 years. I started in 2012 because I wanted to buy a phonograph. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I thought if I created a business DJing with it, my hobby would fund itself. And I got to buy two!

      She mostly plays private events like seances (!), weddings, and fancy birthday parties. Though, on March 24, you can catch her at the Jazz Age Sunday Social in Dallas.

      Amelia also co-owns and runs Sweet Ritual, a popular dairy-free ice cream shop in Austin. Additionally, she teaches Cool School for budding vegan ice cream parlor owners.

      View this post on Instagram

      The Mills Bros, “How Am I Doing, Hey Hey” played on my 1907 Victor II Phonograph. #phonograph #gramophone #millsbrothers

      A post shared by Amelia Foxtrot (@austinphonographcompany) on Oct 1, 2017 at 1:22pm PDT

      View this post on Instagram

      At the Winfield Inn out in Kyle, Texas, sound testing my favorite Cliff Edwards ukulele song to play at weddings, "June Night." #phonographdj #phonograph #gramophonedj #gramophone #cliffedwards

      A post shared by Amelia Foxtrot (@austinphonographcompany) on Apr 23, 2017 at 2:58pm PDT

      View this post on Instagram

      #Repost @phonographfilm ??? “Once & Again” Official Trailer. “Once & Again,” a documentary short about three Austin-based antique phonograph collectors, explores the human desire to connect with the music and voices of the past.

      Read the rest “Amelia Foxtrot is an olde tyme-y DJ who spins on antique phonographs”

      Randy Rainbow calls out Trump in 80s parody "Border Lies"

      National emergency? Nah. Just some "Border Lies," according to Randy Rainbow's latest song parody.

      Gurl. Hit that Adderall. Then go get your border wall.

      Terrific, as always. Read the rest “Randy Rainbow calls out Trump in 80s parody "Border Lies"”

      Carvel's Cookie Puss is now beer

      First, Carvel made ice cream. Then came ice cream cakes. Many years later, they created a stout based on one of their most celebrated ice cream cakes, Fudgie the Whale. A collaboration with craft microbrewery Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, New York, Fudgie the Beer was released last Father's Day with great success.

      Their latest offering? Cookie Puss the beer, a limited-edition "Milkshake IPA."

      But, wait, it doesn't end there. There's also Cookie O' Puss the beer. A "Pastry Stout," you know, for St. Patrick's Day.

      Both are brewed by Captain Lawrence Brewing and will be available starting on February 26 in select East Coast locations.

      Fun fact: Cookie Puss is a space alien born on Planet Birthday (and it's Carvel's 85th birthday this year).

      For nostalgia's sake:

      Read the rest “Carvel's Cookie Puss is now beer”

      Girl Scout puts shirtless 'Aquaman' hunk on cookie box and sales soar

      With the help of her mom, a Girl Scout in Colorado has turned Samoas into "Momoas." Cookie sales have skyrocketed for fifth-grader (and "Top Cookie CEO") Charlotte Holmberg of Highlands Ranch since she and her mom started gluing a shirtless photo of beefcake Aquaman star Jason Momoa on Samoa boxes. Charlotte's mom, a marketing professional, was inspired by a meme photo she saw on the internet of Momoa and started designing new box art.


      ...so her and Charlotte got to work printing out the pictures and gluing them on dozens of boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

      They put it on Facebook, and you can guess what happened next.

      "The moms are getting really excited and they're saying that they need them," Charlotte said.

      Even other Girl Scouts are hitting up Charlotte, asking to buy some. Now you know why they call her the Top Cookie CEO.

      They say Thin Mints are the most popular Girl Scout cookie. That might now be a thing of the past.

      A statement has not been issued from Momoa.

      images via Girl Scouts of Colorado

      (Vice) Read the rest “Girl Scout puts shirtless 'Aquaman' hunk on cookie box and sales soar”

      Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe offers scholarships to aspiring trade workers

      Ever dreamed of escaping the desk job life and jumping into a more hands-on, labor-intensive career? Mike Rowe, the former host of the eight-season-long Dirty Jobs and outspoken advocate for skilled laborers, can help. For the past 11 years, he's been offering scholarships to wannabe tradespeople to formally learn the ropes of blue-collar work. Training for jobs in such trades as plumbing, automotive technology, construction, and lots more are covered.

      Slackers need not apply:

      We’re looking for the next generation of aspiring workers who will work smart and hard. This program doesn’t focus on test scores, grades, or grammar. It’s about the people who share our values and understand the importance of work ethic, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, and a positive attitude.

      Applicants must first enroll in a trade program and sign his S.W.E.A.T. Pledge ("Skills and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo"):

      click to embiggen

      Applications for Rowe's 2019 Work Ethic Scholarship Program opened January 28 and will close on March 28, 2019. Read the rest “Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe offers scholarships to aspiring trade workers”

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