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      How much more black can Barry's Gold Blend be?

      Barry's Gold Blend is my favorite everyday black tea.

      A few weeks ago I was drinking PG Tips 'Extra Strong' as my beloved Barry's is not available at any local markets. Today I was organizing my VW Vanagon's kitchen storage and came across a box of Barry's I had forgotten in July.


      It is like how much more black could Barry's Gold Blend be? The answer is none. None more black.

      Barry's Gold Blend gets better the longer you leave the tea bag in. Eventually, the liquid becomes a sludge-like slurry of existential dread and water. You can drink it, however, it is not pure evil.

      This tea leaves lines and stains in every mug I drink it from, unless the mug is already black or at the very least a dark blue. You may want to buy some baking soda to scrub your mugs out as well.

      I was fine drinking the PG Tips, but I am just happy as can be to have Barry's back. I will return to keeping a spare box on hand.

      Barry's Tea Gold Blend 80 Count 2-Pack via Amazon

      More about Barry's Tea on Boing Boing. Read the rest

      Fantastic wireless thermometer for the BBQ or grill

      Digital thermometers are a great tool when slow cooking meat.

      It is pretty easy to under or overcook meat on the grill. Monitoring the internal temperature of your food, as you cook it, is a really good way to be sure that food is as done as you want it and no more. This affordable ThermoPen set-up does the trick for me.

      I like to use one probe at the grate and one inside the item I am cooking. That way I know what is going on!

      ThermoPro TP-08S Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Meat Thermometer Dual Probe for Grilling Smoker BBQ Food Thermometer - Monitors Food from 300 Feet Away via Amazon Read the rest

      Kids today would not enjoy 'Howdy Doody'

      My nephew will have nothing to do with a cowboy marionette that can not shoot fire out its rear like a Pokemon. Clarabel is literally the stuff nightmares were made of back then!

      I did not know the first Clarabel was Bob Keeshan. Keeshan gave up the stellar role of Clarabel to become Captain Kangaroo. This show was far more a feel-good acid trip for the children. Tho I doubt The Captain'd be a hit here-and-now either. Read the rest

      RAW cone loader quickly loads cones

      The RAW cone loader loads weed into a cone very fast.

      I had been using the paper shovel that comes inside a 20-pack of RAW '98 Special' sized cones. It works but the amounts of weed that go in and spillage are not optimal. It was suggested I try the plastic loader.

      The plastic loader fills the cone up fast and I spill less.

      This is great for sitting down and stuffing weed into 2 or 3 cones at a time. If you are going for larger production batches there is a stand-up tube filler that I have yet to graduate to.

      RAW King Size and 98 Special Size Cone Loader with Clear ES Scoop Card via Amazon Read the rest

      Arizona elementary school kids rushed to ER after popping pills

      Apparently a 6-year-old got ahold of someone's prescription medication and decided to experiment with her friends.

      Arizona's ABC15 reports:

      According to Phoenix Fire Department, four elementary school students took "what appears to be heart medication pills" on the school bus Thursday morning.

      Phoenix police say a 6-year-old girl took the prescription pills from an adult family member and gave them to four other 6- and 7-year-olds while they were on the way to school.

      A staff member at the school became aware of what happened, brought the kids to the nurse's office, and called 911.

      Read the rest

      Rep. Elijah Cummings has passed away

      A great American has passed away. US Representative for Maryland's 7th congressional district, Elijah Eugene Cummings has passed away at age 68.

      Elijah Cummings has been an inspiration for as long as I can remember. We have lost one of the last true statesmen in this broken US political system.

      Baltimore Sun:

      The U.S. congressman from Maryland, who died early Thursday morning at 68, was a long-time warrior for justice, truly a great man. He spoke truth to power even as a member of the power class. And the Democrat was not above pleading, with rival Republicans or constituents, for what he knew was right.

      He chose politics and public life because he wanted a better country, a better city. Immersed in the complex problems of both, he kept his eyes on the prize all through his career. As a member of Congress, with oversight of government operations at a range of levels, Cummings was in the role of examiner, and what he examined was usually bad — from incompetence by bureaucrats to price gouging by corporations to the abuses of power of the executive branch. And so his words were often aspirational, uttered while mired in mud, yet pointing us toward a mountaintop.

      Read the rest

      Felicity Huffman to serve 13 days of her 14 day sentence

      Isn't 13 one less than 14?

      People reports:

      Felicity Huffman‘s release from prison for her role in the college admissions scandal has already been set.

      According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate locator, Huffman, 56, will finish her sentencing on Oct. 27 — exactly 13 days after she reported to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif. on Oct. 15.

      The FCI in Dublin is a low security correctional institution for female offenders which currently holds 1,227 total inmates. It’s located just under 5 and a half hours from the Los Angeles area, where Huffman lives with her family.

      In May, Huffman pleaded guilty to paying disgraced admissions consultant Rick Singer $15,000 to have a proctor change her 19-year-old daughter Sophia’s SAT answers after she took the test. On Sept. 13, the Emmy-winning actress was sentenced to 14 days in federal prison, plus a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and a year of supervised release.

      Huffman reported to FCI Dublin on Tuesday morning to begin serving her sentence.

      Go figure! Read the rest

      Actual police reports dramatically read by Port Townsend residents

      Evidently Port Townsend, Washington has a real sense of humor. Read the rest

      A new island awaits you in 'Fortnite Chapter 2'

      After a day of making people look at a black hole, Epic Games has released the next iteration in the amazingly popular battle royale shooter Fortnite.

      A new map, boats and bandage bazookas are just some of the 'new' things. Players can now carry an injured buddy to safety, or go fishing -- maybe both at the same time!

      Hope we don't run into one another! Read the rest

      How to get through these trying times

      The legendary Mavis Staples. Read the rest

      Elizabeth Warren on marriage equality

      Senator Warren gave this very clear answer at CNN's LBGTQ town hall.

      It is wonderful that candidates can now clearly answer questions about the right to marry and the legal protections it offers without the waffling of yesteryear. Read the rest

      Master Cylinder: things I was very afraid of as a small child

      The origin story of the most evil villain in my early media experience.

      I loved watching Felix, but I was certain Master Cylinder was going to get me.

      I also tried to jump into a filing cabinet, ala Hong Kong Phooey. That left a more visible scar. Read the rest

      Trump hires armed white power militia as security for Minneapolis rally

      Attending todays Trump Minneapolis rally sounds like a really scary time.

      City Pages:

      So Republicans will be escorted to and from their cars. That duty will fall to Oath Keepers, a “patriot” group whose members fancy themselves as “guardians of the republic.” Or as the Southern Poverty Law Center calls them, “one of the largest radical anti-government groups in the U.S. today.”

      They are not the kind of people you want entering your city. Especially since they tend to be heavily armed.

      The group was launched in 2009 after—not coincidentally—we elected a black president. Its beliefs roughly mirrored the conspiracy theories of the day: that the black guy was preparing to invoke martial law. That he would take away your guns. That he would relegate patriots to detention camps.

      A decade later, it appears Obama forgot to execute his plot, likely because he never entertained it in the first place. Yet the Oath Keepers carry on, raising “Citizen Preservation” militias to defend against “global elitists” and fight the imaginary forces arrayed against them.

      Local PD warns people to take care:

      In the meantime, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo seems prepared for the worst. He’s urging residents to not just avoid bringing firearms, knives, and sharp objects, but such innocent items as backpacks, coolers, and strollers.

      Read the rest

      Mike Pence flails as NBC questions him on strong-arming Ukraine

      NBC's Vaughn Hillyard refuses to let Mike Pence offer non-answers.

      Pence cannot answer the questions asked of him. Read the rest

      How to invite someone out for a lovely afternoon

      We'll find a cloud to hide us We'll keep the moon beside us Read the rest

      Diet and depression: what you eat impacts your mood

      For years a friend has been telling my diet was hurting my general demeanor. Read the rest

      'Lodestar' is Shannon Messenger's fifth novel in the Keeper of Lost Cities series

      I can not put down Shannon Messenger's Keeper of Lost Cities series. Lodestar continues Sophie Foster's waking nightmare.

      Sophie Foster thought she was human pre-teen. Sophie loved her family and her pet cat. She had no idea that in reality she was a genetically tweaked elf with super super-powers! Ever since she found out things have been off the hook bad, but somehow she perseveres. No matter how bad it gets, Sophie rises to the occasion and then it gets worse.

      After nearly destroying the Ogre capitol city in the last book,Lodestar picks up with one of Sophie's best friends, and budding love interests, betraying the cause and joining with the bad guys. He claims to be doing it for Sophie, and all living creates, but his Mom was the leader of the baddies and who knows what he is really up to!

      Sophie makes ridiculous decisions about who to trust and why. Much like W, she goes with her gut.

      Destroying the elf school where elf kids all learn their magical powers is just a start. Torture, immolation and wanton destruction follow as Lodestar leaves Sophie with little new information and several fewer people she can trust.

      More parents and parental figures lie to Sophie than die on her in book 5, so there is that.

      The novels are dancing towards Sophie picking a boyfriend! This seems to be momentous and cruel as elves apparently pick only once and are immortal. Big choice for a 12 or 13-year-old being constantly flirted with by every remotely age-appropriate boy. Read the rest

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