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      Rescued hiker gets the helicopter ride of their life

      A hiker got into trouble out in the Arizona scrub and needed a lift out. They ended up being treated for "dizziness and nausea" first.

      Cliff Castle Chopper footage shows a helicopter rescue of injured hiker from Piestewa Peak in Phoenix.

      NBC News reported that the spinning was caused by the rotors' downdraft. Read the rest

      The Sudan "DEMO", a phantom landscape feature only found in Google Maps

      Data scientist Tim Hopper noticed that Google Maps displayed a humungous word in the outback of Magwi County, South Sudan: "DEMO".

      After the discovery made it to the BBC, the DEMO sadly disappeared: a ghostly landscape feature lurking somewhere between Borges and Baudrillard on the slopes of misfortune.

      Read the rest

      Witcher fans mad about set photos

      Fans of The Witcher are up in arms after leaked set photos suggest that ... changes ... have been made to the beloved game series' fantasy milieux.

      Darren Lim Geers:

      "The Witcher" Nilfgaardian armor in game on left. Netflix "adaptation" on right. I know it's a meme to shit on Netflix and their inability to adapt things to live action, but honestly... Who approved this? How does this even happen? So many questions.

      It reminds me a bit of those "Book vs Show" comparisons for Game of Thrones characters, where Tywin Lannister is transformed from "300 pound Hulk Hogan clone given the power of flight by his muttonchops" into "Charles Dance." But in this case, a little more extreme: from "cosplay melting under the convention center lights" to "problematic sex toy."

      Read the rest

      Barges strike Arkansas River dam

      There's no sound in this video, posted by KARK 4 News, depicting two barges slurped inexorably into a dam on the Arkansas River.

      According to locals, the unmanned barges were loaded with fertilier and broke free of their moorings.

      two runaway barges broke loose Thursday on the Arkansas River, crashed into a dam in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and sank. Police shut down major thoroughfares and ordered evacuations in the area after the barges came unmoored and threatened to crash through an Interstate 40 bridge and a dam on the bloated Arkansas River.

      Read the rest

      Listen to an author realize her forthcoming book contains a terrible mistake

      Author Naomi Wolf has a new book coming out titled "Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalization of Love". It's about the emergence of homosexuality as a concept and its criminalization in 19th-century England.

      ...the story, brilliantly told, of why this two-pronged State repression took hold—first in England and spreading quickly to America—and why it was attached so dramatically, for the first time, to homosexual men.

      Before 1857 it wasn’t “homosexuality” that was a crime, but simply the act of sodomy. But in a single stroke, not only was love between men illegal, but anything referring to this love became obscene, unprintable, unspeakable.

      In a BBC interview with Wolf, her host, historian Matthew Sweet, points out two serious problems with her work. First, she assumes "sodomy" refers to homosexuality, but a key example she uses was a child abuser and it often refers to other sexual offenses.

      Secondly, she assumes the 19th-century legal term "death recorded" (for example) means the convict was executed, when in fact it means the opposite: the sentence of death being merely recorded rather than carried out, because the prisoner was pardoned and freed. A term she thought signaled draconian punishment turns out to demonstrate leniency.

      A quick look at a newspaper report from the time might have sorted things out:


      Here's the tape. Sweet is polite and professional, and Wolf takes the news well, but it's very painful listening.

      Fortunate that it isn't out yet (and perhaps not even printed, as the release date is months hence) so Wolf and publisher Virago can fix it. Read the rest

      After double lot sold to separate owners, one of them erects fence through pool and garage

      An Orlando homeowner owned a second lot next to the house. He added a pool that straddled the property lines. Then, following foreclosure, the two lots were sold to different owners, one of whom erected a fence. Over the pool. Through the garage.

      When you're just dipping your toe in the real estate market

      It's all so very "Florida"! Cities that don't enforce setback rules. Cities that tolerate structures spanning multiple residential lots. Sales that split combined lots into multiple lots without consideration of what is on the lots. Inspectors, appraisers and mortgage lenders saying "this is fine!". People building fences over pools and through garages. Read the rest

      TV host accidentally makes fool of "brick-breaking" martial arts master

      "That's incredible, I mean, I've felt these bricks, these are real bri—", says TV host Steve Uyehara as the brick turns to dust at his lightest touch. [via Reddit] "Oh! Whoa! Whaaaaaa! Check it out, baby! Guns!"

      P.S. Glass is an irresponsible material for the board breaking trick! Read the rest

      Soccer legend's grotesque statue mocked

      George Best, a soccer legend from Northern Ireland, was immortalized in bronze, but it more closely resembles Pazuzu, the hideous demon infesting the Exorcist series of movies. Sure, it's not as bad as the Ronaldo statue...

      ... Or the Lucille Ball statue...

      But still...

      The BBC's Amy Stewart:

      A new statue of George Best - the Northern Ireland and Manchester United football great - has provoked strong reactions from fans and critics alike. ... The often cruel social media sphere has not held back.

      Read the rest

      Don't get this close to a tornado

      In this footage from 2016, tornado-hunters get rather too close to a big'un near Wray, Colorado: "we're out of gas!" Read the rest

      Water bottles left on-set in final episode of Game of Thrones

      Two weeeks ago, it was a coffee cup. For the finale, a final insult: water bottles visible on-stage throughout the last episode's ███████ scene.

      Read the rest

      Video captures F-16 crashing into California warehouse

      After suffering hydraulic problems, an F-16 fighter jet crashed into a California warehouse Thursday. The pilot ejected safely and no-one on the ground was seriously harmed; a nearby driver captured the collision on video and a warehouse worker filmed the wreckage.

      "That's a military airplane, in our building!" says a man on the warehouse video (embedded below, NSFW language), uploaded by Ejler Bettenhausen and credited to Jeff Schoffstall.

      Read the rest

      Rackmount your lone Raspberry Pi

      UPi is a full-size rack mount for the Raspberry Pi. Though it can apparently accomodate three Pis, it is clearly best if you just put one in, just as depicted in the product photograph. Then, I further reccommend, do not put it in a rack. Just have a single rackmounted Raspberry Pi lying on your desk, the ultimate personal computer.

      On Twitter, Foone (patreon) collected this and other increasingly exotic mounting/clustering solutions for the Pi. Read the rest

      Woman lopes on all fours

      Behold "Karen of the Boreal Valley," whose adventures are made perfect by epic music played so loud it clips like a VHS sword-and-sandals movie at maximum volume on the cheapest television set of 1982. Read the rest

      After new formula, low-carb bread is also a durable and effective sponge

      UPDATE: I missed that this video is 7 years old! On the internet, everything new is old again. Julian Bakery low-carb "bread" should not be judged on the basis of this clip.

      A company called Julian Bakery makes a low-carb "bread", but they improved the formula. This fan of the original is not a fan of eating the new version, but reports that individual slices turn out to be strikingly useful as utility sponges.

      What's the best low-carb "bread"? Read the rest

      Tesla car captures the gentlemen vandalizing it

      Tesla cars have a "sentry mode" feature that amounts to dashcams pointed hither and yon: useful for video-recording accidents, road ragers, and vandals.

      Entire right side of car keyed and dented. Merica

      The vandals' self-satisfied grinning really makes it. According to Reddit's crack team of investigators, it was at this location in old Town Sacramento and they were driving a Silver or Grey Dodge Ram pickup. Read the rest

      AI-generated pokemon that should not be

      Michael Friesen generated these abominable pokemon sprites. Be sure to see a similar set hand-drawn by iguanamouth. [via Janelle Shane]

      Read the rest

      Game of Thrones castmembers laughing, smirking or gritting their teeth when asked if they like the final season

      "Best season ever!"

      I understand that the "looking up and to the right" marker for deception is a myth, but I also suspect that Peter Dinklage knows this.

      Previously: Stuff Happens In Game Of Thrones Read the rest

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