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      The sound of a screw being dropped into a turbine engine

      "The terrible sound you never want to hear when working on turbine engines," because fishing it out isn't going to be easy.

      If ever I am in charge of an airline, this noise shall replace the "Captain speaking to the cabin" ding. Read the rest

      Cartoon dog resembles mushroom

      This "Love dogs" artwork is available on tees and mugs. Graphic design is clearly somebody's passion! [Thanks, Heather!] Read the rest

      Don't set your Twitter birthdate to 2007

      Contrary to the viral tip, setting your brithdate to 2007 in Twitter will not grant you access to an easter egg. It will get your account automatically suspended because you are too young to use Twitter.

      Please don't do this," the company said via a tweet.

      A spokesman for Twitter declined to confirm to the BBC how many people have succumbed to the hoax so far.

      Twitter has automatically prevented users under 13 from using the social network since May last year and its terms of use state that the social network is "not directed to children."

      A clever way to illustrate how dangerous automated account management systems are—but also also how gullible we are. Read the rest

      Enjoy watching this fancy smartphone car entry system fail utterly

      "Unlocking your €100,000 car is now easier than ever," writes álex Barredo.

      Not to worry: I hear they're developing a durable, solid-state device that weighs only grams and comes with a custom encryption profile. It's called a "Serrated Analog Authentication Interlock Disengagement and Reengagement Shard" and they're working out the kinks. Read the rest

      Man "driving around a college campus without pants" arrested

      A 23-year-old South Carolina man was arrested Saturday after being seen driving around the campus of Winthrop University without any pants.

      Campus police were called before 8 p.m. Saturday after two students in a dorm looking out of their window saw a man in a car without any pants on, Yearta said. Winthrop officers arrested him and issued a no trespass notice that bans him from being able to be anywhere on the college campus, Yearta said.

      Read the rest

      Plane lands safely, at wrong airport, in wrong country

      A British Airways flight from London City Airport headed off to Dusseldorf, in Germany. Unfortunately for those aboard, it landed safely in Edinburgh, Scotland due to a "mix up". That's 350 miles in completely the wrong direction.

      Officials say the pilot followed the flight plan for Edinburgh, and that air traffic control officials also were following the same flight plan and saw nothing amiss.

      They refueled the plane. Then they flew it to Dusseldorf. Read the rest

      Asus unwittingly pushed malware to 500k laptops after hack

      Kim Zetter reports that Taiwan tech giant Asus unwittingly installed backdoors on half a million of its own customers' computers after hackers compromised its software update servers.

      The researchers estimate half a million Windows machines received the malicious backdoor through the ASUS update server, although the attackers appear to have been targeting only about 600 of those systems. The malware searched for targeted systems through their unique MAC addresses. Once on a system, if it found one of these targeted addresses, the malware reached out to a command-and-control server the attackers operated, which then installed additional malware on those machines.

      Why hack the consumer when you can hack the manufacturer and get all the consumers for free?

      Alt headline: "Republic of Gamers Publicly Owned" Read the rest

      Frightening footage from inside Viking cruise ship tossed by rough seas

      More than a thousand passengers are being evacuated from a Viking cruise ship hit by 26-ft waves between Norway and Britain, with terrifying footage posted to YouTube from inside the lurching vessel. At least 470 people were rescued from the decks by helicopter, hauled one by one to nearby Molde. No-one is reported dead, but one is said to be critically injured.

      The maritime rescue service said the Viking Sky, with 1,373 passengers and crew on board, had sent out a mayday signal as it had been drifting toward land in the Norwegian Sea.

      The ship was carrying 915 passengers, of which "a large number" were from the United States and Britain, the rescue service said, although it declined to be more specific.

      Passengers were hoisted one-by-one from the deck of the vessel and airlifted to a village just north of Molde on Norway.

      An investigation was opened into why it even set sail.

      Read the rest

      Infinite Elizabeth Holmes

      Last night I saw HBO's The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her company/cult, Theranos. It's very good and surprisingly unsettling.

      UPDATE: I've looped her intensely unpleasant stare for 10 minutes and set it against a nice slow performance of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Enjoy the embedded video above.

      Here's an infinitely looping GIF of it, sans music.

      Read the rest

      Business systematically videos people getting towed from its parking lot

      The parking spot has "NO PARKING" and tow-warning signs, and is so notorious for enforcement that legitmate customers tell anyone parking their car there what is going to happen. This is all being filmed, from 60 angles, by people who have seen it happen many times before. Because they are the people who make it happen. Then it happens.

      This time around the drivers get warned IN PERSON. Does it work? Nope. But there's so much more going on here. Watch on!


      Q: You suck. A: That's not a question, but I get the point. And I've heard it all before. I understand you think you've got a witty, original insult for me. You probably don't. Save yourself the humiliation.

      The sleazy music, pop-up commentary and just-right production values really make it. Read the rest

      The worst toy: Flushin' Frenzy

      Flushin' Frenzy [Amazon] is a toy wherein you push a plunger until a poop pops up. All the fun of clearing out a blocked toilet! The game's tagline is "Poop there it is!"

      Game night just got gross - in the best way!

      Flushin' Frenzy makes being a plumber fun! Push the toilet handle to release the die. When a number pops up, you plunge the toilet that number of times. Be ready to catch the poop when it flies out at any moment! POOP - there it is! The player to catch the poop wins a token, or two tokens if they catch it in mid-air! Set includes 1 toilet, 1 plunger, 1 die, and 10 score tokens.

      Safe for ages 5 and up. 2-4 players.

      At Mattel, play matters. We strive to help children learn and develop through play ever since our founding in 1945.




      Flushin' Frenzy [Amazon] Read the rest

      Man films suspected burglar working on his front door, then opens it

      Guy tries to rob house but the owner is there from r/PublicFreakout

      In this video of a resident quietly filming a man trying to pick his front door lock, the stellar direction makes it. It's Coen-esque, almost, from the indisinct peephole shot to the pathetic excuses the allegeable burglar made after the door is opened. Read the rest

      Crowbar-wielding unicorn raids Maryland store for cash and cigarettes

      A unicorn armed with a crowbar robbed a convenience store near Baltimore, say police, then fled.

      Police say the suspect had fled in a silver car. They located what appeared to be the same car after it had wrecked. No other cars were involved in the wreck. Police say two people involved in the crash were taken to a hospital, and detectives are working to determine what their involvement was in the robbery. No charges were immediately filed.

      Read the rest

      Man jailed after boasting of pelican abuse

      Meet William Hunter Hardesty. Hardesty posted video of himself "manhandling and jumping on top of" a pelican in Key West, boasted about it to other vacationers, and ended up charged with animal cruelty.

      Florida investigators were not amused, and the FWC issued a 10-page warrant for his arrest on charges of animal cruelty to a migratory bird and intentionally feeding a pelican.

      Hardesty was apparently so proud of the recognition he got for the March 5 stunt that he bragged about it this week to some people staying at the same Ocean City, Maryland, hotel where he was staying.

      Those folks called the police.

      There are worse things one can do to pelicans, I suppose, but the best policy is not to do anything at all. Read the rest

      Chickens kill fox

      A fox got trapped in a coop and the chickens fucken murdered it.

      The unusual incident in Brittany took place after the fox entered the coop with 3,000 hens through an automatic hatch door which closed immediately.

      "There was a herd instinct and they attacked him with their beaks," said Pascal Daniel, head of farming at the agricultural school Gros-Chêne.

      The body of the small fox was found the following day in a corner of the coop.

      "It had blows to its neck, blows from beaks," Mr Daniel told AFP news agency.

      I remember a children's book, from the mists of a British childhood, where this was the plot. What was it? Read the rest

      Airline pilots have been complaining for months about Boeing's deathliner

      With the European Union grounding the 737 MAX, North America is one of the last places on Earth you can get a ride on Boeing's deathliner. Despite the brand-new jet's disturbingly similar crashes and hundreds of dead travelers, the FAA and U.S.-based carriers insist it's safe to fly. Several airline pilots disagree.

      Pilots repeatedly voiced safety concerns about the Boeing 737 Max 8 to federal authorities, with one captain calling the flight manual "inadequate and almost criminally insufficient" several months before Sunday's Ethiopian Air crash that killed 157 people, an investigation by The Dallas Morning News found. ... The disclosures found by The News reference problems with an autopilot system, and they all occurred during the ascent after takeoff. Many mentioned the plane suddenly nosing down. While records show these flights occurred in October and November, the airlines the pilots were flying for is redacted from the database.

      Will another one go down before the problem is fixed? Capitalism is all about risk and inertia, and American businesses love taking risks and doing nothing. Read the rest

      Stockholm bus explosion caught on dashcam

      No-one was killed in the bus, which was empty of passengers, but the driver suffered serious burns. The explosion was caused by a "traffic accident," say authorities; the vehicle runs on natural gas, the tank is on the roof, and it tried to enter a low tunnel. Read the rest

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